Bitvestment opinion : reliable trading robot?

Bitvestment is an automatic trading robot that claims to be able to generate „more than $1000 per day“ to its users. Investors are wondering whether Bitvestment is reliable or not. That’s why we offer here an in-depth analysis of this trading software, to know if it deserves your trust or not.

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Is Bitvestment reliable?

The question of Bitvestment’s legitimacy is on everyone’s mind. It is true that what Bitvestment claims seems exaggerated: according to this trading bot, its alleged rate of return is high and it advertises that you can earn „$5,000 in the first 24 hours“ – but this is without providing any proof or guarantees.
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Such claims are bound to raise questions. People are rightly wondering whether this site is really reliable or not.

We have gone through this trading robot and we have come to the observation that Bitvestment reviews are mixed regarding this software. Indeed, some people confirm that the software is indeed legitimate and others see this program as a scam. However, we have found that Bitvestment is operational and is surrounded by regulated brokers.

Investors can trade on this well-functioning automated platform, but they should remember that trading is a risky business that can incur losses.

Bitvestment: what is it?

Bitvestment review: reliable trading robot?

Developed and launched in September 2017 by Thomas Green, Bitvestment is a programmed platform that does the trading for investors. The trading bot uses artificial intelligence to decipher trading signals and identify optimised investments.

The trading bot claims that even its less experienced users only need 20 minutes a day to trade online. According to the site, this is the time needed to set up automatic trading and track trades without too much work. But remember that speed and simplicity don’t always mean guaranteed success; let alone $5,000 in one day of trading as the site claims.

Bitvestment: how does it work?
To use Bitvestment, you don’t need to download the application files. Simply open the site on your web browser and log in to your account.

However, it is mandatory to fund your trading account with at least $250 before you start trading crypto-currencies. As soon as you make the deposit, the software will automatically take care of making trades for you. The algorithm software analyzes the market to place trades using indicators and trading signals.

At the end of the trading session, the funds are automatically placed in the investor’s account. And all you have to do is withdraw them as soon as they are available.